Neuropsychological Testing and Assessment

Neuropsychological tests are used to assess brain function and impairment through behavioral observation and various cognitive measures. Tests are designed to examine a multitude of mental abilities  which are necessary for goal-directed behavior. Utilizing test results, psychologists make inferences about underlying brain function.

Neuropsychological testing is an important element in the assessment and treatment of dementia, neurological conditions, and psychiatric disorders It can also be an effective tool for examining short and long-term effects of toxic substances as well as medical conditions on brain functioning.

brain neuropsychological testsPurpose of Testing
• Understand working areas of the brain
• Discover changes in brain functioning
• Assist in diagnosis and determining course of illness
• Distinguish normal age changes vs. neurological disorders
• Identify strengths and weaknesses in specific areas
• Establish and document baseline functioning.
Assist in developing specialized treatment plans

Assessment areas
• General Intelligence
• Executive Skills
• Attention & Concentration
• Learning & Memory
• Language Skills
• Visual-Spatial Skills
• Motor & Sensory Skills
• Mood & Personality