In Service Training for Staff

Some Selected Topics Are:
• The ABC’s of service and client centered carestaff_training Psychotropic medications
• Improving dynamics between staff and client / staff & staff
• Elder-care concerns in the workplace
• ALF/ILF resident rights
• Dementia: Problem behaviors and avoiding confrontation
• Mental health disorders: recognition and assistance
• Improving communications with hearing, speech and vision impaired persons
• Understanding and communicating with Alzheimer patients and related disorders
• Rules to remember: Alzheimer’s care guide
• Developing a dynamic therapeutic recreation program
• Memory loss: normal vs. abnormal
• Psychological effects of systemic medications
• Psychotropic medications: Use, management and side effects
• Myths and Realities of ageing
• The importance of healthy aging and personal hygiene
• Children of aged parents
• Meeting caregiver’s needs

VMH can conduct in-service workshops on-site to meet your specific training needs. Training sessions run approximately one to two hours, depending on the topic(s) addressed. You choose the topic and we will identify our qualified specialist to conduct the training.

For further information and schedule details, call VMH at 1-800-771-2165.